1.  The closing date for entries is midnight 27 May 2019 

2.   The race organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry.  It is the responsibility of each runner to ensure that they are medically fit            and healthy to participate in the event.   The Stor-Age Festival of Running organisers have the right to reject an entry on the advice of the                    race medical team.

3.   Only one team member is allowed on the course at any given time, when part of a relay team.

4.   Age limits per event category must be adhered to (as per below). 

5.   Every runner shall immediately comply with the instructions of an event marshal and race official.  

6.   Every runner shall at all times display his/her race number legibly and ensure it is pinned to the front of his/her shirt.

7.   The Stor-Age Festival of Running organisers strictly reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to remove any participant or entrant from the                  event or event course should: 

      a. their conduct or attire in any way endanger or cause a hazard to other participants, spectators and/or attendees of the event or

      b. their conduct poses a medical risk to themselves

8.   No Substitutions or Entry changes will be allowed on race day.

9.   No animals are allowed to accompany a runner during any event.

10.  No prams/strollers will be permitted.

11.   In the event of a medical emergency, the organizing bodies/authorities will use their discretion and follow procedures deemed necessary                for evacuation and /or medical assistance thereof; for the account of the injured party.

12.  The event will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled or stopped for reasons of safety.

13.  A person who has entered shall not give his/her number and/or timing chip to another person to use.

14.  A runner may not start or attempt to start before his/her designated event start; doing so will result in disqualification.

15.  Entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred or transferred.

16.  The entry fee remains the same regardless of the number of team members.

17.  Wearing of listening devices while running is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.  Runners reported doing so will be disqualified.

18.  Runners to wear appropriate running gear.  Club colours are only compulsory for the Club relay. 

19.  Runners who litter/waste will be disqualified.  Restrooms, dustbins and/or portable toilets are available at several locations.

20. No individual who is not officially registered may join the event or accompany any participant in the event.  Any person without an official                   race number will be directed to leave the course immediately.

21.  Prizes will be awarded as follow:

       a. 6km, 12km and 18km: winners (male and female) will be based on the fastest time for each distance.

       b. Relays: winners for each category (male/female/mixed) will be based on the most laps within the given time of 2 hours

       c. Schools Challenge: winners for each group (boys and girls) will be based on the most laps within the given time of 2 hours.

       d. All runners will be allowed to complete the lap they are on, once the final siren or flag has been signaled. 

       e. Event organisers will use their discretion in this regard.

22. Entrants may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that may influence their ability to participate in                 the event.

23. No firearms or dangerous weapons allowed at the event/on course.

24. Entrants must adhere to the specific time limits of their event.

25. Relay teams may be required to hand over a baton to the next participant.

Specific rules per event:


Solo Run (6km, 12km, 18km)

  • Time: 08:00 to 10:00 (2-hour time limit)

  • Entry fee: R50 (6km), R100 (12km), R120 (18km)

  • Lap course of 2kms

  • 6km: 3 laps – no age limit, but children under the age of 10 to be accompanied by an adult. 

  • 12km: 6 laps – minimum age limit of 13 years of age

  • 18km: 9 laps- minimum age limit 16 years of age

  • The fastest male and female runner in each category wins

Relay (Male, Female, Mixed)

  • Time:  10:15 to 12:15 (2-hour time limit)

  • Teams of 2 running a relay.  

  • Entry Fee:  R200 per team, regardless of the number of runners

  • Lap course of 2kms

  • As many laps as your team can complete in 2 hours

  • Minimum age limit is 16 years of age

  • Teams may decide on their own strategy:  the number of laps per person BUT always only one team member on the course.

  • The teams who compete the most laps in each category wins


Schools Challenge 

  • Time: 12:30 to 14:30 (2-hour time limit)

  • Entry Fee: R 400.00 per team 

  • Teams of 4 running a relay. 

  • Must be a scholar under the age of 19.

  • The team members must be from the same school

  • The team members must be in the same age category

  • Lap course of 2kms

  • Run as many laps within the time limit

  • The teams with the most laps in each group within the 2-hour time limit win

  • Prize giving at 14h50

  • Teams may decide on their own strategy:  the number of laps per person BUT always only one team member on the course



       Primary Schools:

       Group 1:  U/9, U/10 and U/11

       Group 2:  U/12 and U/13


       High Schools:

       Group 3:  U/14 and U/15

       Group 4:  U/16, U/17 and U/18


SuperSport Park and the Stor-Age Festival of Running organisers reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as deemed necessary.


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